Products & Services

Products & Services

A portable and cost effective way to advertise your business or service. These tent style signs can be wooden or a lightweight metal with interchangeable inserts. These A-Frames are popular with sidewalk business advertising such as Restaurants, salons and retail businesses.​

U.S. Department of Labor created Act whereby Americans with Disabilities would not be discriminated against. This ADA signage is used to reflect compliancy where Disability access is found i.e. wheelchair accessible washroom.

lluminated and non-Illuminated.
A sign that is mounted to a building that functions as shelter from the elements as well as advertisement for business. Typically manufactured using aluminum, steel or galvalume, in conjunction with heat transferrable flex faces. Awnings can be in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Typically used by Restaurants and eateries.

Usually a structure built in a wall format from such materials as brick, concrete, or metal pylon style. Most often used to visually enhance the look of a building, property or image. Commonly located on property away from the building site, closer to the road to advertise site location.

A durable sign made from a lightweight fabric or similar material that can be mounted to a pole or building. Other applications can be hemmed and grommeted for hanging. Used for both interior and exterior applications and is of a temporary nature. The material used is weather resistant, portable and flexible which allows for a wide variety of configurations. Some types of banners include: Flex Face, Poly, vinyl, nylon, paper and retractable. Great for advertising Sporting events, Community Activities and Grand openings.

Made to Bench Specifications- usually constructed using a clear polycarbonate substrate with a second surface digital print.

Fabricated or formed 3 dimensional letters that are usually illuminated. Custom designed fonts and logos are highly visible from a distance. Channel Letters can be Standard, Reverse Channel, Open Face and Front and Back Lit.

A sign where the letters have been CNC routered from the substrate be it wood, metal or plastic

Made to Bench Specifications- usually constructed using a clear polycarbonate substrate with a second surface digital print.

A sign that provides information regarding direction and locations to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

A sign that identifies the name and location of tenant within a multi-tenant building or development.

A variable message sign that utilizes computer generated messages or some other types of changeable copy. The signs include displays using LED’s LCDs, incandescent lamps or a flipper matrix. This type of signage although costly is becoming more popular as a form of advertising.

Also referred to as Large Format Digital Graphics. Graphics are four colour rather than spot PMS colours which is most commonly used with digital photographic images and logos.

A free-standing sign with no visible support structure. A monument sign is another form of ground sign.

A sign using electrical equipment installed for illumination at night. Internally illuminated through sign face by a light source contained inside the sign, or externally lit through use of light source reflection aimed at its surface. Can be LED, neon, tube or bulb lit.

A Custom made sign constructed with track system for sliding and holding plastic message letters

Can be custom manufactured in wood, aluminum or plastic, illuminated or non. Snap frame menu systems allow for easy access and illumination using digital print graphics and changeable messages.

A Sign that does not have an inner illumination component to it and may be illuminated through an alternative source, or not at all. Applicable where power source not available or no visibility required at night.

When safety hazards or prevention is necessary – standard or customized parking and safety signage can be produced to meet the needs of the location. i.e. Customer Parking, Hazardous Material etc.

A special perforated vinyl used specifically for window graphics which still allow for one side to be viewable where as the other side contains a graphic.

A 3D sign where the lettering is held off from the surface by use of a pin or mount- Maison Blanc Spa

An unlit sign usually in wood or metal that is supported with one or more posts.

When distance advertising is required, a pylon structure is likely to be the best choice for customer visibility and awareness. Can be one or two pole structure or custom molded with a combination of fluorescent, neon, digital or LED technology to illuminate the sign.

A cabinet structure where the inside could contain lighting components and the outside would house the sign fascia substrate such as acrylic for digital graphics.- Most common on storefronts.

The type of signage that usually is above a business location – May be an illuminated sign box, or non illuminated sign made of an array of substrates including wood, acrylic and metal.

Turn your car, truck or fleet into a rolling billboard advertisement, working for you 24 hours 7 days a week. Full colour digital images and colour graphics will call attention to your business or service. If a less permanent vehicle signage is required, than stick to the handy magnetic signage which can easily be removed at a moments notice.

Dress up you windows and utilize every possible inch of advertising space. Pressure sensitive vinyl graphics can be applied in a wide variety of colours including a clear or frosted vinyl. Large format colour graphics are sure to call attention and get you noticed.