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Quality Service with Excellent Customer Care & Satisfaction Here at Calibre Signs we take great pride in the signs that we custom manufacture and install. We prefer to use the best products and services available to us in the industry to ensure that your sign will stand the test of time. A top Ontario commercial sign company, Calibre Signs serves clients across Canada and the United States. From design concept to onsite installation, we provide expert advice, inspired custom sign designs, quality manufacturing, professional sign installation, sign repair, and sign maintenance services.

Please see the article on Calibre Signs in Sign Media Magazine by clicking here.

Here's what you can expect when you order your sign with Calibre Signs:

  • A Trusted Manufacturer with over 20 years in the Sign Industry
  • A Leader in Customer Satisfaction in the Business Community
  • Dedication to Innovation in Design, and Promotion
  • Responsive to the needs of sustainable manufacturing and Safe Environmental Practices
  • Committed to World Class Customer Service
  • Proud to be a Wholly Owned Canadian Manufacturer and Distributor

We feel it's important to give our clients what they expect - Excellence-Without Compromise! Calibre Signs specializes in all types of custom signage; fabricated signs, channel letters, illuminated sign boxes; we do it all. We produce bold graphic banners, storefront signs, menus, pylon structures, electronic reader boards, vehicle and window graphics, and so much more. We are a One Stop Source for custom signs in the GTA and throughout southern and central Ontario. You can trust Calibre Signs to handle all your company's custom signage requirements. Here at Calibre Signs, we are committed to helping our customers promote their business, products and services with quality custom signs. We are not a franchise satellite store or bargain basement sign business. We are an Ontario commercial sign company that manufactures superior custom signs on premise. We also deliver and install at your site, and our full-support and maintenance crews are on hand to ensure that your signs are taken care of.

Calibre Signs is located in Whitby Ontario Canada, and our Customer Service extends across Canada and the United States as well. Calibre Signs is a trusted member of the International Sign Association, The Canadian Sign Association and local member of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce. Our facility is audited and meets the Canadian Standards Association as well as being Electric Safety Authority approved when necessary. We use quality products such as Avery, 3M and Allanson to ensure the integrity of our products meets the expectations of our customers. Calibre Signs stands behind building Quality Manufactured signage - WITHOUT COMPROMISE. Calibre Signs is proud to be a wholly-owned independent Canadian owned manufacturer and not affected by franchise limitations. We are always striving to find new and innovative ideas to better produce your signage and help the environment as well.

At Calibre Signs, when you order a custom sign from us, we want you to know that we are committed to finding the best way to meet your needs without compromising the integrity of the sign. We understand that if your sign doesn't meet your standards, you won't be a happy customer, and our business would suffer as well. We are able to achieve success through partnerships with great suppliers that warranty their products, and we pass that on to you, our valued customer. Our experienced Calibre Signs staff is on site to assist and ensure that our signs meet your approval and the approval of the Canadian Standards Association and the Electrical Safety Authority.

Calibre Signs is a family-owned Ontario sign manufacturer of quality custom advertising signage. We specialize in commercial signs and storefront signage including state-of-the-art LED digital display boards, pylons, channel letters, illuminated sign boxes, window graphics, vehicle graphics, menu boards, plus so much more. With almost 30 years in the Ontario custom sign business, Calibre Signs has the knowledge and experience to manage your project from start to finish. From initial concept to the installation, our company's goal is to deliver a custom sign that your company can be proud of.

For many years, Calibre Signs has been helping people grow their small businesses by providing high quality, custom company signs in Ontario for a fair price. We take pride in our work, and always strive to make sure that our customers are satisfied with their new company sign. It's nice to know that our business can help businesses create brand awareness and bring in new customers by providing them with vibrant, new high definition signage for their companies.

When purchasing a company sign you are looking for a high-quality finished product that will make those passing by turn their heads and notice your business. Our custom signs are all done at high resolution so that you can be sure that your company's new print sign will be excellent quality with no blurs or streaks. Advertising can either make or break a company, so make sure that you are doing your signs right with Calibre Signs, a Durham sign company with more than 20-years in the Ontario sign business. Please visit our Portfolio page to view a small sample of our custom sign work including dimensional letters, custom printed banners, flags, and awnings, bench ads, ground signs, menu boards, vehicle graphics, electric message display boards, pylon signs, and so more.

Many years ago, when entrepreneurial brothers Peter and George Lapoussis ventured into the sign business, they started out with a U.S. based sign franchise company. After 5 successful years with the franchise, they realized they wanted to expand beyond the limitations of being middlemen for other sign manufacturers and producing rudimentary signage such as banners and coroplast signs. In 1996, the two brothers made a bold move and left the franchise business behind. They bought a 10,000 sf. facility and began manufacturing their own custom sign boxes, channel letters, as well as continuing with their previous product line. What this did was open the doors to major franchise companies that were looking for quality manufacturers of their signage. Calibre Signs' attention to meeting the stringent deadlines and requirements of these franchise corporations helped get the ball rolling. Calibre Signs is proud to produce signage for such companies as: Pizza Pizza, Mr. Sub, BMW, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, Johnson Controls, Cadbury Adams, Domino's Pizza, Applebee's, General Motors, Mary Brown's and Tim Horton's to name a few.

Aside from franchise operations, Calibre Signs also does a growing amount of signage for property management companies, real estate representatives, general contractors, design and advertising agencies, architectural design firms, engineers and financial institutions. Whether it's storefront or commercial signage, parking signs or safety signs, or even simple wooden or coroplast signs - Calibre Signs is there to take the call as quickly as possible and work with you to get you the estimate or work you need-FAST. Our over the phone sign estimates are FREE. For the more complicated signage, a site check is required to determine proper measurements and construction details that will be required. Calibre Signs works in partnership with many trusted companies across Canada and the United States to ensure that your sign will be a great sign.

Starting up a small business can be a daunting task. You are taking on a large amount of risk and will have to put in many hours of hard work to be successful. With so much at stake, shouldn't you make sure that you are doing everything you can to promote your new business and catch the attention of potential customers? Having a high definition, quality company sign to tell the world that you are in business can make all the difference in the world for your new start-up. By increasing your company's visibility with a custom business sign you can access a larger audience reach, ultimately helping you to succeed.

Quality custom signs that are designed for your company are one of the best ways to attract new clients and build onto your existing customer list. Custom signage is a very cost efficient way to advertise your company and products and to let possible clientele know exactly what your company is offering. A custom company sign can give your business an image that people will remember, and this can lead to repeat business. If you are unsure as to what type of sign would work best for your company, we can help you make the right choice. For example, both LED and neon signs are visually appealing and extremely effective at attracting attention. They both are very versatile can be adapted to suit the unique needs of any business. However, LED signs are less expensive to operate and require less maintenance than neon. They are also better for the environment. Depending on the application, LED lighting is almost always the best option for most illuminated commercial signs

At Calibre Signs, we make all of our signs with high quality materials so that we can ensure they are made to exceed our client's expectations. By using high quality materials in our custom company signs, our signs are made to last for a very long time, and keep their sharp colours and crisp details within the designs. With more than 20 years in the custom sign business, you can trust Calibre Signs to help you to achieve your communication goals. We are a leading Ontario custom sign business that is dedicated to helping our customers find solutions to all their advertising and branding requirements.

Calibre Signs
Calibre Signs offers custom signs and banners for all business applications including storefront signage, pylon signs, banners and trade show display. Calibre Signs is located in Whitby but serves all of central & southern Ontario.
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Why Do you need a Sign? »

Your signage is your communication to passing pedestrians and motorists. It is probably the first thing they will notice about your business. It is a powerful tool in creating a first and lasting impression. Using effective sign elements combined with a strong brand-image recognition will help build strong memory retention about your business or service. Remember some of these tidbits as provided by the International Sign Association...

  • Signage is the least expensive, but most effective form of advertising.
  • Signage can be responsible for 50% of your local customers.
  • Signage is so important that without it you may not get a loan for your business.
  • Signage is an investment that will pay a return many times over.
  • A well-designed, well-placed sign can generate huge profits, especially when part of an overall marketing strategy.

A quality custom sign, designed especially for your company, is a great way to promote your products or services and attract customers to your business. Custom signage represents a low cost method of advertising your business and letting the public know what your company is all about. A high definition custom company sign can give your business a professional look that people will notice and remember, and help you turn prospective clients into long-term customers. For small businesses especially, having a strong sense of brand awareness is important to having successful sales. When people readily recognize your brand over your competitors, they are far more likely to buy from you.

Invest in your business with a high-quality custom sign, to give your business a competitive boost and to attract the right audience. For any type of business, a long-lasting custom sign is a good investment and a smart way to spend your advertising dollars. Custom signage works day and night to promote your products and services and is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your business noticed.

Having a quality storefront sign is going to give your prospective clients the best first impression of your business. The storefront sign will often be the first thing that people notice about your business, so it is important to make sure that your sign creates a good first impression and reflects the type of business that you run. By having clear and vibrant signage for your store, you can entice people in and give yourself a better chance to make new clients and customers.

What should my sign say or do? »

The most important thing your new company sign should do is facilitate building your company's branding to increase customer brand awareness, and draw in new business. This will help to give you a better chance of retaining your current customers through brand recognition, and it will help build your business's customer base. Ensuring that your custom company sign can do these things will help to make sure your business does well overall.

Your on-premise sign should identify your business, mark its location, and convey the right image of your company and communicate what you are selling. Your sign should effectively:

  • Attract New Customers
  • Brand the Business
  • Create Impulse Sales

Your storefront sign often represents the first visual impression that the public has of your business. It needs to be direct and to the point; while at the same time, aesthetically pleasing as well. Your business sign should positively reflect your company and create a good first impression, because you don't get a second chance at first impressions. If people feel that your company sign is hard to read, confusing, dingy or off-putting in anyway, you are going to have an uphill battle trying to gain their business. An appealing and informative custom company sign will attract potential customers and help to increase business.

Branding your business is one of the most important aspects of marketing your company. You can often hear advertisers refer to the term "TOMA", which stands for Top of Mind Awareness, which is always being the first brand to pop into a consumers head. This is what businesses need to strive for in their advertising, and using a high quality company sign, message centre, neon or pylon sign can help to brand your company and achieve this awareness amongst possible clientele.

According to the International Sign Association, research indicates that 85% of your customers live or work within a 5 mile radius of your business, but 18.6% of the population relocates annually, and you need to attract new customers to replace the ones you are losing. Signage is the quickest, easiest and most economical way to attract these customers.

Calibre Signs strongly believes in "Brand Awareness" through strong logo and brand imaging combined with repetition which will help reinforce 'top-of-mind' awareness. The name of your business, logo, tag line, colour scheme, should all be consistent on all your marketing pieces including your signage, business cards, letterhead, website and print ads to reinforce your branding image. When you think of some of the most well known brands, such as Apple, Google, Virgin Media and others, what comes to mind? You often won't immediately think of Steve Jobs, Larry Page or Richard Branson; it's their company logos that come to mind. Logos are one of the most popular ways to build brand recognition, and by using logos on your custom company sign you can help increase your company's brand recognition with your clientele.

Impulse sales are created when busy people really can't afford to spend the time comparison shopping and are attracted by convenience and need. Best Buy discovered that 17% of its customers were people who did not intend to stop there specifically, but did so because they saw the sign. WOW! Every company needs to have a highly visible custom business sign to help drive traffic into your store. Making sure your business can attract people, especially for impulse purchases, is crucial in helping your business make sales. Although impulse sales may represent a small part of your business, impulse buyers can't be ignored. Having a bright and attractive company sign can attract the attention of people who are just passing by, and usually lead to more business for your company. A custom business sign is one of the most efficient forms of marketing in regards to dollars made for dollars spent on advertising.

Sign Awareness and Logo Recognition »

Calibre Signs recognizes it is important in determining the needs of your customers when marketing. Businesses that offer products or services that are more of an infrequent nature such as: dentists, doctors, accountants, real estate offices, furniture and appliance stores etc., should focus more on branding their site to reinforce their image so that it will be recalled as `top-of-mind` when the need arises. Businesses that fill a more frequent need such as grocery stores, banks, restaurants, gas stations and car-washes need to make their signage as eye-catching and simple as possible to capture those impulsive and convenience shoppers.

Brand recognition and retention is one of the most key factors in your marketing. You need to make sure that people can recognize your brand and feel familiar with it in order to get their business. Even after you have gathered their business, you have to ensure that these one-time customers become regular clients through brand retention. One of the best ways to make sure that your brand logo is noticeable and memorable is to have it emblazoned on a high quality, clear image business sign. A unique and tasteful custom sign will attract people to your business and keep it in their mind.

If people can clearly see your business logo when they are making their purchases, or entering / leaving your store, they are more likely to remember and associate your company name with the product you sell or the service that you provide. This means that when it comes time for the customer to buy again, they will more than likely come back to your store and be a repeat customer. A high definition custom company sign, with an easy to see logo, will help you get repeat business and retain past customers.

Getting Your Sign Noticed»

The likelihood of having your signage get noticed or perceived by a person is dependent upon several factors:

  • The physical characteristics of the sign and it's background (a sign usually needs to contrast with its background)
  • Informational Content
  • Informational Needs of the viewer i.e. Directions, Hazards, Service
  • Motivation of Observer i.e. Hospital, Airport, Food, Gas...
  • Historical Symbol/Logo Familiarity of observer i.e. ATM logo, McDonald's arch
  • Observational techniques of observer in locating expected sign

Having a sign that people will notice easily is one of the most important design aspects you should consider when getting a new custom company sign. You must make sure that you get a high definition sign, with vibrant colours to make sure that people pay attention to your company sign. After all, what is the point in having a custom sign if no one is going to take notice? There was a study done back in 1967 whereby a "STOP" sign was replaced by a "TOPS" sign, using the same shape and colouring and location of the original sign. Drivers continued to stop at the "TOPS" sign, and when questioned, 87% of the drivers failed to notice the incorrect spelling - instead they recognized the shape, colour and letters to be normal.

Since your sign is the first thing that your customers notice about your business, effective sign design is of the utmost importance. It is a powerful marketing tool that will create the first and a lasting impression of your business and/or your products. Calibre Sign knows what design elements will produce the biggest impact from your custom sign. By utilizing the most effective design elements in your sign's design, we will create a custom sign that is right for your specific needs. Whether you are considering an advertising banner, a neon sign, a fascia storefront sign, channel letters or an awning sign, we will design a custom sign that you will be proud to display to your customers and potential customers.

When thinking about the design of your storefront sign, awning sign, pylon sign, banner sign or neon sign, consider distance and visibility. As a rule of thumb, plan an inch of height for every 10 feet of viewing distance. If the size of the sign lettering cannot be as large as you like, using light letters on a dark background will make your message stand out and give a greater impact. The greater the contrast between background and text, the easier it will be for your message to be seen. Consider emphasizing important key words in your advertising text by setting them apart from the rest of the message with larger letters, bolder typeset or contrasting colours.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and for the most effective and biggest impact sign advertising, no truer words have ever been spoken. To make the greatest impression with all of your custom sign advertising, utilizing photography in your sign's design can work wonders. Photos have been found to increase recall by 300%. Photos have the ability to communicate a great deal of information at a glance, effortlessly and effectively. Adverting photos have been found to activate the senses and stimulate impulse purchases.

Studies have shown that the prominent use of full colour graphics can be equally as effective as photography in creating the highest customer awareness through signage. The use of multiple images is another very effective advertising option; reinforcing your advertising message with customers through repeated use of an image. Employing repeated images can help build customer awareness and establish your brand. It can be an economical option. The proper use of borders in a commercial sign has been found to increase reading speed by 26% As well; the use of additional colour will add visual interest and has been reported to improve reader reaction by 78%.

Choosing the right colour and design for your custom business sign is crucial in determining its over-all effectiveness. If you use dull colours with an uninteresting design, people will either not take notice, or they may notice it and think it reflects poorly on your business. You want to make sure that your company sign catches people's attention and that they remember it. It also needs to convey the right message about your business. By using vibrant colours and a design that really pops out and appeals to people, you will maximize the advertising effectiveness of your custom sign.

In addition to the importance of the colour of your sign, there are many other design factors you must take into consideration for your custom company sign. Factors like the graphical designs used, fonts and overall design layout make a huge difference in how your potential clientele will perceive your sign advertising. You need to make sure that the design isn't over the top, while still being eye-catching, and also that the font is entirely legible. If you make sure to follow these simple rules of thumb for custom business signs, you can ensure that they will give you a better return on investment.

When you are starting up a new company, or opening up a franchise in a new location, it is crucial for the success of your business to get noticed by customers. People need something visual to help them remember your company, and later seek out products or services that you offer. To help potential customers have a better visual memory for your company; you need to provide a "face" for your business. A large custom sign will give them that visual marker to remember your company. To further imprint your company name on the public's mind, continue the message by adding window graphics or awing signs that are emblazoned with your custom logo, to improve customer recall and attract new clients.

Selecting the right colours for your company's signs, banners and other promotional material, can not only dramatically improve your sign's visibility; making the sign stand out and attracting the eye of customers, the use of colour, when judiciously chosen, also has the power to stimulate emotions in advertising. Colours affect us subconsciously and our brain can register a positive or negative reaction in seconds. Used to its best advantage in commercial signage, colour has the ability to direct, impress, motivate and persuade prospective customers to your door. It can reinforce your brand and increase customer awareness of your products and services. Colour associations create a distinctive identity when used in advertising. The use of colour in signs can differentiate your company's brand from competitors'.

Different colours stimulate our nervous system and evoke a variety of emotional states. Colour viewed with our eyes travels to our brain causing various hormonal releases, influencing our body's physiology and mental states. Scientific studies have measured how colour can alter both blood pressure and aggression. Marketing experts use the science of colour to influence customer's perceptions of businesses. When choosing colours for your company logo and signage, remember that colour touches people on an intuitive level. It is important to consider the symbolic meanings and cultural perceptions that certain colours provoke. The following is a brief description of how individual colours are generally perceived by Canadians.

  • Blue: trust, reliability
  • Red: sexy, exciting, danger, fast
  • Yellow: cheerful, warm, happy
  • Green: fresh, cool, natural
  • Orange: warm, vibrant
  • Purple: dignified, spiritual
  • Black: elegant, mysterious, seductive
  • White: pure, clean
  • Silver: cold, science, prestigious
  • Gold: rich, prestigious

Combinations of colours can mean different things to different cultures. In countries and cultures outside of North America, a colour can evoke a completely different impression, emotion or meaning, than it does in the west. For example, in Canada the colour white is viewed as pure, youthful and clean, but in China it is associated with death. While the colour black is a symbol of mourning in the west, the Chinese use white because they associated death with winter and snow. In Russia the colour red means beautiful, but in South Africa, it is the colour of mourning. In Canada and the western world, black and orange are often associated with Halloween, purple and yellow with Easter, and green and red bring Christmas to mind. When choosing colours for your company's commercial signage in Ontario, it is best to stay away from colours, or colour combinations that can evoke negative connotations or are strongly associated with anything that would detract for the message that your sign is trying to convey.

The colours used in your business' advertising and custom-made signs are crucial for building brand recognition and good brand retention. People need to be able to easily associate your company with the advertisements that they see. If the company name or contact information on a sign does not stand out, the message is likely to be overlooked or soon forgotten. By taking on a standard group of colours for your company, along with a distinctive logo, you can help boost recognition of your product, business or brand with people who view your company signage.

Remember, when thinking about colours for your custom signs, that colour is a silent language that people react to either as a behavioural response or as a learned response. While the meaning of certain colours is rather subjective, colours do resonant emotions that are fairly universal. "Warm" colours like red, orange and yellow usually suggest feelings of warmth and comfort, but can also evoke emotions of anger and hostility. "Cool" colours, such as green, blue and purple are usually viewed as calming, but can also call to mind feelings of sadness and apathy. Consider how these colours are used in your signage, print advertising and marketing materials. Talk with the sign experts at Calibre Sign to help choose colours that project in your custom signs the personality and company image that you want to portray to the public.

Effective use of lighting is another way to get the public to notice your sign. Whether you illuminate your sign with flood lights, or select a sign that lights-up from within, shining light on your signage will increase its visibility, especially at night. Illuminated signs that don't rely on a supplemental light source include electronic message display boards, electronic reader boards, three-dimensional channel lettering and sign boxes with lighting components. Illuminated signs make a big impact, both day and night. Our Ontario sign company manufactures a wide variety of custom illuminated signs installed with electrical equipment to ensure that they create a bright and highly visible display at night. Signs can be internally or externally illuminated. Internally lit signs have a light source contained with that shines through the sign. Externally illuminated signs use a light source reflection that is aimed at the sign's surface. The light source for an illuminated sign can be LED, LCD, neon, tube, or incandescent lamps.

Factors of Sign Effectiveness»

T.W. Forbes and R.S. Holmes in 1939's "Highway Research Board" Legibility Distance of Highway Destination Signs in relation to Letter Height, Letter Width and Reflectorization" proposed four general criteria that sign effectiveness could be measured by:

  • Pure Legibility - The distance at which a sign can be read given an extensive viewing time
  • Glance Legibility - The distance at which a sign can be read given a minimal amount of viewing time ( few seconds)
  • Priority Value - The Qualities of a sign than cause it to be seen and read first
  • Target Value - The characteristics which distinguish a sign from its background and other surroundings.

The more conspicuous a sign is from its background, the higher the likelihood of it being noticed and being effective. Factors that affect the conspicuity are: the observers field of vision, foreground complexity (too many distractions),sign border, font, form and shape recognition, intermittency of illumination, motion( swivelling or scrolling), colour, and the uniqueness of the signs features( i.e. shaped like a hot dog.)

So in order for a sign to stand out and be noticed, the four criteria Calibre Signs feel are necessary are:


Let's further break these criteria down with some examples.

Visibility: A signs needs to be clearly visible to achieve full impact. A sign should not be obstructed by other objects such as landscaping and trees. Calibre Signs looks out for these obstructions and will advise of potential problems. Sometimes objects cannot be removed and alternate suggestions need to be explored. Colour and contrast are vitally important so that the message is readable. For instance, having yellow lettering on a white background will not be of high contrast nor very visible. If the sign needs to be viewed at night, it should be illuminated, and or have reflective vinyl, otherwise it will be invisible. Atmospheric conditions may also affect a signs visibility such as snow cover, fog, or heavy rain. Sometimes ground signs are blocked by objects such as traffic, pedestrians or physical structures. It is more likely that a sign that is perpendicular to traffic will be more likely to be seen than a sign that is parallel to traffic (i.e. a storefront fascia sign). Sometimes small changes such as turning a flat wall sign into a protruding angled sign or a perpendicular sign such a pylon or hanging sidewalk sign- make help create sign awareness. The chart below show what researchers assess to be the minimum required legibility distances in varying situations:

Speed (MPH) With Lane change (in feet) Without Lane change (in feet)
25-30 410 155
35-45 550 185
45-50 680 220
55-60 720 265
>65 720 280

This is based on a perpendicular mounted sign. If it is a parallel mount sign, research shows that the sign needs to be 70% larger or it cannot be read in time. The next step would be determining the actual height required for the sign to be visible. Below is a chart demonstrating this:

Speed Limit Number of traffic lanes Sign Height(to top of sign face)
25 mph 2-4 12ft
35 mph 2-4 20ft
45 mph 2-4 35ft
55 mph 2-4 50ft
>Highway 75ft

At Calibre Signs we think that illumination is essential for most commercial signage. Aside from the 24hour advertisement of your business, it also helps increase visibility. Generally there are three basic means of signage illumination.

  1. By lamps mounted outside oriented to shine on sign face
  2. Internal illumination through sign's face
  3. By illuminated elements such as exposed bulbs, LEDs or neon style tubing.

Legibility: Based on a person's "Cone of Vision" or Field of Vision, certain considerations come into play. Based on how far away the sign needs to be visible, the size of the letter font must follow accordingly - too small and it won't be noticed. Calibre Signs recommends that signs be designed with letters a minimum of 1" for every 25ft of distance. If a font is used that is difficult to read is used such as a "script font" or "tightly spaced" font- the message may be lost in readability time. Increase in letter height would be necessary when using cursive script font or letters with tight spacing etc. Colour contrast is required in order that the text stands out from the background.

Conspicuity: A sign needs space and time to be noticed. A sign that is hidden amongst a sign polluted environment will more than likely be missed and ignored. Observers need to "See the sign" in order to receive the message. Pylon signs can be very conspicuous because they usually stand high off the ground. To get noticed, a sign should contrast with its environment. A green sign with a forest in the background may get lost. Calibre Signs' graphic designers are experienced and will help recommend the best choice in making your sign stand out.

Readability: Using the criteria above, an observer needs to be able to assimilate all of the information presented and interpret and comprehend the message. Vertically lettered signs are usually more difficult to read than horizontally lettered signs. If the observer cannot read what the sign says the message is lost. The sign needs to make sense.

Calibre Signs takes your ideas and turns them into reality with knowledgeable and expert advice from proven sources and statistics. Signs are our business and we extend our expertise into making you a successful and lasting impression.

Investing in quality signage is one of the most important marketing tools your business can employ to attract new customers. A well-built, effective sign will carry on promoting your business for many years to come. Good storefront signage, including neon signs, awning signs, banners, channel lettering, to name just a few of the many available choices of signs in Ontario, provides potential customers with that all important first impression of your company, along with pertinent information about what your company is about. Don't let your storefront create a bad first impression. Your exterior signs should portray your company in its best light, to attract potential customers and clearly conveying the message that you want to deliver.

There are many forms of advertising available to businesses now, through print ads, radio, online ads and more, it is hard to know what mediums are the most effective. Studies continuously show that repetition is one of the most important things to make sure that people remember your ad. With an eye-catching custom sign you can be sure that your company and brand will be getting a large deal of repetitive exposure, greatly increasing the effectiveness of the ad.

The single most important factor to consider when designing a commercial sign to be an effective marketing tool for your company is readability. A professional sign company can design a banner sign or electric message centre so stunning that it could be considered a work of art, but if the customer can't read your message than the sign is just an expensive decoration. Your message should be clear, concise and easy to read from a distance. This might involve some serious editing of information that you wish to convey with your sign. While sign graphics can be attention grabbers, insure that they don't compete with the message that you want to communicate.

Expressing a clear message on a commercial sign that can be read and understood from a distance can be a difficult task. It requires careful editing so that the most relevant information is the most highly visible. By example, if your business is a retail shoe store with the name 'Westside Designer Shoe Emporium', the words 'Designer Shoe Emporium' should receive greater prominence than the word 'Westside' on your store front sign, awning sign or sandwich board. Customers want to know what you are selling as they are driving or walking by your store. The store's name is less relevant unless the store is a nationally recognize brand, in which case, giving the store or company name prominence makes sense. For pylon signs that are viewed from a distance, your want customers to clearly see the product or service that you offer, as well as any other information you wish to convey, like your company phone number and website address.

An important consideration when deciding on a sign that will be placed prominently on the face of your business, like an awning sign, channel lettering, fascia storefront sign, neon sign, or even window graphics and lettering, is how the sign will complement the building. Choosing the right sign, properly designed can improve the look of any building, making it more attractive and appealing to potential customers. Every building has its own distinct character. A charming old building with attractive architectural features might looks its best with a sign that reflected the building's characteristics, blending in to become part of the building. Obviously, a neon sign would look terribly out of place on the front of a lovely century-old building. Conversely, a nondescript building might call for signage that adds character, to make the building distinct, memorable and attention grabbing. An unattractive building or a building in need of repair might benefit greatly from well-placed signage that conceals its unsightly features, making it more attractive to customers.

When you are finally satisfied that your business is being promoted with the best designed and most effective signage, including your storefront signs, directional signs, tent signs etc., it is important that you keep your signs in good repair and up-to-date. Weathered and damaged signs or signs that contain old information reflect poorly on your business. Keep all the information on your signs current. For your business to maintain a professional look, it is important to maintain your signs as well. A well made sign lasts a long time, but if it starts to look worn, it is time to replace it. In Durham region, Calibre Signs offers sign maintenance services that make it simple to keep all your company signs looking their best.

To ensure that people are best able to read your custom sign you need to make sure that the image quality is very high resolution. A low resolution picture on a large company sign will look very pixilated and slightly amateurish. Potential clients may see the sign and be off put by it, resulting in lost business. The proper resolution for your business sign should be at least 150 pixels per square inch. This will give your custom sign a high resolution and professional look, which will help transform onlookers into customers.

High quality business signage helps to portray a positive image of a business to the public. When people see a high quality company sign, when compared with a lower quality sign, they will always have a more favourable impression of both the higher quality sign and the business it represents. This is because a high definition custom company sign portrays a business that takes pride in its work, and one that will therefore take better care of their clientele, as opposed to a company with less interest in maintaining their public presence.

Business Services»

Businesses in southern Ontario can look to Calibre Signs for all their commercial signage and promotional needs. Although we have many customers, both small independent businesses and large international franchises, from across Canada and the United States, we primarily provide complete commercial sign services to businesses in the Pickering, Whitby, Ajax and Oshawa regions of Ontario. We deal in virtually every kind of business sign. From memorable promotional banners to vibrant electric storefront displays to eye catching and functional awning signs, Calibre Signs can create the advertising signage and promotional displays that reflect your business in its best light and that will make customers take notice.

In today's market place there are almost as many types of commercial signs as there are businesses that use custom signage to advertise their products or services. At Calibre Signs, our team of custom sign professionals can create virtually any custom signage product. Here are just a few of the types of eye catching promotional sign products that we can customize for your business advertising needs: A-frames signs, sandwich boards, ADA safety signage, directional signs, awning signs, architectural and monument signage, banners, channel letters, corrugated plastic signs, dimensional lettering, directory signage, electronic message centre, fascia storefront signs, full colour digital imaging, ground signs, illuminated signs, magnetic signs, logos, brand imaging, menu board signs, neon signs, parking signs, safety signs, post and panel signs, pylon signs, vehicle graphics, window graphics and lettering. Electronic message centres are some of the latest and most effective signs available on the market today. An electronic message sign can utilize commuter generated messages to keep your information up to the minute and to catch the public's eye through the use of ever changing text and/or graphic images. This very functional and effective sign is suitable for all types of retail businesses to help attract customers, and it is an especially useful sign for entertainment venues, sports arenas, and for public, municipal and government buildings. These signs include displays using LEDs, LCDs, incandescent lamps or a flipper matrix.

Your company could be missing out on business if you have inadequate signage that is not highly visible. A well-placed outdoor LED electronic message centre or LCD electronic message centre will hold the attention of people in the street and motorists passing by your sign every day. More expensive than traditional signage, the initial higher cost of an electric message centre sign is more than worth it because this type of sign does so much more. An electronic message centre sends a message that is hard to miss. It is an effective advertising tool that allows for quick changes to keep all information current. Indoors, an electronic message sign can reinforce your company message and provide important information that you want your customers to be aware of at the point of purchase. An electronic message centre creates instantaneous advertising and allows for quick reaction to change that can influence potential customers and bring you more business customers. Speak with one of our Ontario sign experts about all the latest technological advancements in LED sign illumination and electronic digital signs. We can help you select the LED sign that would work best for your business. Electronic message centres and digital signs are available in multiple variations, including full colour outdoor signs, full-matrix moving message signs, single line scrolling signs, indoor message display signs, LED open signs, programmable moving message signs and multiple line message boards.

Increase traffic to your business with a low cost A-frame sign, sandwich board, sidewalk sign or slide-in frame sign. This type of promotional sign can be displayed anywhere. They are portable so they can be brought inside when necessary or stored when not needed. These tent style signs can be made of wood or a lightweight metal with interchangeable inserts to make them even more versatile. Very popular for sidewalk advertising for stores, restaurants and salons, A-Frame signs are available in many different sizes and styles, and represent excellent value for your advertising dollar. Magnet signs are another economical advertising sign product that can deliver your company's message to customers without spending a great deal of money. A magnet sign is ideal as a temporary vehicle advertising sign on personal vehicles and company cars. A magnetic signage is extremely versatile as it can easily be remove when you don't want to advertise or when you want to change your message. Magnetic signs can be printed as a decal or in business card size to be used as a promotional item. They are also great for filing cabinets, warehouse racks or any metal surface that needs visible signage for identification.

Calibre Signs has been proudly serving the signage needs of businesses in the Durham region and southeastern Ontario, including Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Peterborough, Bowmanville, Lindsay, Newcastle and Cobourg, since 1996. Our Ontario sign company has extensive experience in all aspects of the sign industry and offers a vast range of signs and sign services that include sign repair, sign installation, sign servicing and sign manufacturing and design. For more information about our many sign products and services, contact us via email at info@calibresigns.com or call toll free: 877-215-3343. Calibre Signs also serves the signage and advertising needs of customers in other parts of Ontario, as well as across Canada and the United States. As a wholly owned Canadian sign manufacturer and distributor of custom signs, banners, sign products and all types of display advertising, we work in partnership with some of the top companies in the industry, in Canada and the States, to ensure that every sign that we sell is professionally installed by experts and that every customer receives the same excellent level of service that Calibre Signs has become famous for.

Calibre Signs is a member of the Sign Association of Canada (SAC). An organization comprised of the top businesses in the sign industry, the Sign Association of Canada has been successfully promoting the welfare of the sign industry since 1955. While over the years, the traditional boundaries of the sign industry have expanded due to the rapidly changing level of technology and the evolution of the marketplace, SAC – ACE continues to improve the status of its members in the community and to benefit customers of commercial signs. Poised to lead the sign industry into the next decade, The Sign Association of Canada has recognized trends and has advanced to partner with related industries and sectors that use, design and manufacture commercial images.

The chief mandate of the Sign Association of Canada is to promote the interest and welfare of the Canadian image-making and sign making industry for the betterment of its members. Its mission is to add significantly to the success of its members by promoting the sign and imagine-making industry in Canada and representing the interested of their members. The Sign Association of Canada's goal is to be the foremost association in Canada, representing Canadian sign businesses, sign manufacturers, sign makers and sign services.

Creating impulse sales is crucial to many small businesses. Quite often, especially with retail stores, the hardest part of making a sale is getting the customer into your store so that they can see what it is that you have to offer them. One of the best ways to attract people passing by your store is to catch their attention with a high definition custom company sign. An attractive, eye-catching sign that is prominently placed will lure potential customers in. By making sure that your company sign is highly visible and grabs the attention of the traffic passing by, you can maximize your chances of catching the interest of onlookers and window shoppers, enticing them into the store so that you can turn them into customers.

With the amount of advertising and business that is done online, you may be asking just how effective or relevant is outdoor advertising? Many studies have been done to determine just how many people regard company signs as a viable reference for their shopping. These studies have shown that because we spend so much time in our cars, a highly-visible company sign still a terrific advertising medium because of the amount of exposure it receives. Keep in mind that people are often travelling along the same roads daily, so this increases the frequency of how often they see your custom company sign, leading to better brand recognition.

Let Calibre Signs turn your ideas into reality. A study conducted by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) in the United States concluded that electronic variable message signage (CEVMS) keep a motorists attraction longer than a static commercial sign. Digital signs are a powerful outdoor advertising media that deliver results. As a leading Ontario custom sign manufacturer, you can trust Calibre Signs for expert advice, original custom sign design ideas, quality manufacturing and professional installation.

What Information Should Be On My Company Sign?»

For your company sign to be most effective, you should make sure first and foremost that the overall sign design is well done, with a good colour scheme that matches your logo and isn't too over the top with tacky background designs. Secondly, you need to make sure that both your company brand and message are very visible. People may only have a short view of your company sign, so they need to be able to take in both who you are and what you do. Thirdly, contact information needs to be noticeable. A phone number may not be the best option, depending on the sign's location, as people may not be able to remember the whole number. What is very important to make sure people can see is any website information. Even if a viewer of your custom company sign can't remember the full website URL, they will at least know that you are online so they search for you and find your company.

No matter what type of custom signage you chose; printed awning, sandwich board, pylon sign, banner ad, electronic reader board, or custom vehicle graphics, legibility and visibility is paramount. You want your customers to see your sign and get your message. Keep in mind the following key functions that a good commercial sign should communicate when deciding what should be printed on your custom sign.
  • Highlight your company name, build and reinforce your company brand
  • Directions
  • Pique customers interest, create impulse sales

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Sign»

At Calibre Signs, we not only want to make a new sign for your business, we also want to make sure that our products help your business grow. In order for your custom company sign to work its hardest for you, make sure that it's getting good exposure. Whether it's a large pylon sign, neon sign, channel letters, or even a banner advertisement, if people aren't seeing your company sign it won't matter how great it looks. If the public can clearly read all the important information offered on your sign and it is prominently placed where your potential customers can see it, your company sign can make a world of different in growing your business.

Your company sign is going to be one of the first things that potential customers notice about your business. You want to make sure all printed advertising for your company, whether it is a custom fabricated sign, channel letters, illuminated sign box or sidewalk sign, elicits a positive reaction. It won't help your business if your signage doesn't stand out. To give potential customers the impression that your company is professional, and one they want to do business with, your custom signs should also look professional. Ensure that your branded company signs give people a good feeling about your company, and it will help to bring in more business.

Always take into consideration where your company sign will be located and design it accordingly. Readability should be your top priority. If your sign will be viewed from a distance or by people quickly driving by in their cars, your sign needs to catch their attention and be easy to read. Maximize visibility by utilizing bold fonts, large text and strong colours, and keep your message and design simple. As a trusted Ontario sign manufacturer with many years of experience in the commercial sign business, we can design an attractive custom sign that your customers will notice.

One thing to consider when getting a custom company sign or banner advertisement is the positioning. You need to make sure that wherever you place your company sign, whether it's an electronic message display board, printed custom awning, of ground sign, that it is in clear view of your potential customers for maximum exposure. You can have the most attractive and well-designed custom commercial sign for your company, but if people aren't able to easily see it, your message may not get across about your business.

Here are some tips on creating a custom sign that really stands out:
  • Use distinct, contrasting colours for the sign's font and background. By using highly contrasting colours, your sign will be easier to read and more noticeable from a distance
  • Keep it simple! Avoid the temptation of providing too many details about your product or service. Information overload will make your sign harder to read, and confusing for your customer to read. Your custom sign will look more attractive and your message will be much clearer if you keep the text limited to the basics.
  • Sign location is important. Ensure that your sign or banner can be seen from multiple angles if possible. Check to see that there is nothing that could potentially block your sign from view. If there are potential obstructions, consider moving your sign to a better location. Keep surrounding trees and hedges trimmed so that they won't block your sign.
  • Attempt to incorporate your company's branding everywhere that you possibly can. By adding your company logo and using the same font and colours in all signage, you will build brand recognition.
  • If you really want your sign to attract attention and be hard to miss, perhaps you should consider installing an illuminated sign. Either LED or neon, an illuminated sign is eye-catching day or night. Another type of sign that quite literally stands out is a three dimensional sign. An illuminated 3D sign is hard to beat if you want your message to be noticed.
  • Use the services of a highly-experienced, professional sign company to design and build a company sign that you can be proud of. Signage is an investment that will pay dividends over the years. A reputable sign company will expertly build your sign using only the finest materials to ensure it looks good and serves your adverting needs for many years to come.
Calibre Signs
Calibre Signs offers custom signs and banners for all business applications including storefront signage, pylon signs, banners and trade show display. Calibre Signs is located in Whitby but serves all of central & southern Ontario.

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