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Welcome to calibre SignS
Our Company was
established in 1996 by
brothers, George and Peter
Lapoussis, as a sign fran-
chise operation, and then
evolved into a separate
10,000s/ft. National Sign
Manufacturing business in
2001. Calibre Signs is a
company our loyal Client
base has come to rely on
for Integrity, Creativity, Organization, Knowledge, Quality, and Experience.
Individually these characteristics mean that you can trust that we know what we are doing and that we will make you a sign that you can be proud of and will get you noticed. We think that being able to visualize and design what you want combined with valuable work experience, saves you time and money.
Calibre Signs is a National Multi-Dimensional Sign Company with Customers and affiliates across Canada and the United States. We often get asked if we just do the “big signs” for customers, and the answer is no - although we do a lot of big signs, we also provide small business solutions . Need- less to say our Portfolio of work is extensive and ranges from the smallest banner and A-Frame signage all the way to our niche market of LED Channel letters, EMC’s, Pylons, and Storefront and Business signs. Pictures speak louder than words... so you’ll just have to check out our Portfolio Gallery of Work to see just what we do and who we’ve completed signs for.
Again, Thanks for visiting us and be sure to contact us for your next sign project.
Calibre Signs
Calibre Signs Monument Ground Sign

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