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Monday, November 16, 2015

About us

A lot of times you may wonder about the back story of a company if you haven't heard it already. So here is ours...

Calibre Signs actually evolved from owner/brothers George and Peter Lapoussis owning and operating a "Signs Now" franchise in Whitby Ontario from 1996 through to 2001. Signs Now was an up -and -coming U.S. sign franchise that first came into Canada in 1991. During the years that George and Peter owned their Signs Now franchise outlet, they were ranked with number 1 in sales in Canada for the Signs Now Canada Franchise Operations. After 5 years they realized that they wanted to expand beyond the franchise into a larger 10,000 square foot facility and do things their own way in manufacturing and across Canada signage. Owning a franchise outlet is generally great for people who want to start a turnkey operation that has Systems and Suppliers in place. Usually all the hard work has been done and the kinks ironed out for the franchisee. The beauty of franchise outlets is that somewhat inexperienced people can be trained to own and operate their business with success, provided the model of the franchise is a good one. i.e. Tim Horton's.

In 2001, George and Peter moved to their larger facility and changed the name of their Sign Company to "Calibre Signs".

Although the franchise operation gave them the sign company experience their resumes were lacking, the real success of their business comes from their education and combined work experience and family business finesse. Their father, Dimitrios, came to Canada from Athens Greece in the late 1950's, and owned and operated his own successful restaurant businesses. His two sons also worked and learned the ropes in their father's businesses and learned how to run a business along with the "hard work= success" model. George's schooling background in Creative Advertising and Peter with Computer Business Technology and Commercial Real Estate. Together the brothers put together a team of experienced professionals to build a dream of their own.

Almost 20 years later Calibre Signs has grown into a successful International Sign Company doing business across Canada and with the United States. The company weathered the financial crisis and manufacturing meltdown starting in 2008 and have invested more money into the company and equipment.

In this day and age, it is rare to attain and hold onto loyal customers, but, Calibre Signs is proud of their achievement in working with their Client base and doing what it takes to make the customer happy and stay a Calibre Signs Client. We know that Our Success comes from Our Client's Success, and we want to do what we can to promote their success- starting with a great sign made by Calibre Signs!.

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