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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Light up Your Life

Waaaay back in the land before time, or at least before Thomas Edison, there were signs -without light. We have now progressed eons and light-years past that point now , but mostly due to budget restraints, not all signs are illuminated. When a Customer calls to get an estimate on a sign there is a plethora of choices and many of these should be reviewed to determine which is the best fit for your company or sign at that time. Right now we are referring mostly to new building location signage including : storefront fascia, monument and pylon signs. So let's say you have a storefront with a street pylon sign. Here are some things to consider regarding your decision:

  1. BUDGET- by far the MOST important aspect of your signage decision. Money has to be set aside for the signage and remember that this cost really is amortized over time, just like real estate is, because the signage affixed to the building is considered a fixed asset. When you amortize the initial cost over the potential life span of the business and compare that to the amount of money you would budget annually just for advertising your business, signage works out, on average, to be one of the most most effective forms of advertising. 
  2. TRAFFIC- The location of the business, and the ability to be seen or noticed, also plays an integral role in your signage choice. There's not much sense in spending unnecessary money on a deluxe sign if no one will see it until they are parked in front of it. That being said, if you have the location for it, and need to stand out, Deluxe may be the way to go. One of my favourite signs is the LED Electronic Digital Message Centre monument sign we did for the Calvary United Church in Oshawa Ontario . We get calls for that one a lot; the perfect example of really getting noticed!
  3. HOURS OF OPERATION- Logic dictates- if you are open during the evening- then you need light to be seen. If they can't find you, they won't come.

Based on just these three criteria alone, you can start your reasoning and then look at types of illumination. You can go from a very basic non illuminated sign that is lit be an external light source, such as goose neck lighting, or you can have an internally illuminated signbox, or even Channel Letters that could be front lit, halo or back lit or a combination thereof. LED electronic digital signs are costly- but they are effective in capturing attention.

Take the tiime and explore examples of other signs to see which one fits your needs and get started, and give Calibre Signs a call to discuss pricing on your ideas.


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