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Thursday, September 10, 2015



So what is so important about Branding and what is it?

Branding, is a way of putting your name on something as a claim of ownership, just like they do with cattle to differentiate from other rancher's cattle.

So what does that mean when you have a business?

Branding is important in sending a message to your intended target market as well as other potential clientèle to attract them to your business or service. Your brand should clearly identify your organization, the core values and the culture as well as any unique attributes that separate you from your competition. So let's use an example. Let's pretend that you are opening an Organic Food Cafe and Delivery business and you have a storefront sign. First of all let's assume you researched and did market testing to determine the best location for your business. In this example you have a storefront in an urban hipster chic location and now you need to determine a name and branding for your business.

You, as the owner, should incorporate the impression you want Customers to feel when they first see your brand. That cliche that first impressions are lasting impressions is very true. We as people tend to make quick judgments based on what we see. That being said, let's break down your Organic Food Cafe and Delivery Service and choices that might come into play.

Colour: Will you choose colours associated with Health and Organics such as greens and browns? Or how about the Cafe predominately shades of brown and finally the delivery service, best in bright red to imply speed.

Graphics: You might want to use graphics of vegetables and fruits, or leaves of plants such as the stevia, or you might want the picture to be of a coffee cup or happy healthy people...You have to see what appeals to you and use a non biased test audience to see what their impressions are based on your choices.

Font- Be Smart and do not over complicate the sign and the message. KISS- keep it simple stupid is a quick moniker to help curb that need to be overly creative. For the most part- steer away from script and serif fonts because they are harder to read from a distance. You want your sign to be legible so it might be wiser to stick with simple san serif fonts such as helvetica or arial.

Tag line Message: Differentiate yourself from your competition- what makes you unique? what can you offer over and above what they can and stress this point- such as McDonald's serving over , what is it now? 300 billion hamburgers????

Consistency: Be consistent with your advertising message in all your marketing ad campaigns and print such as website, brochures, business cards, newspaper ads etc and trademark and protect your work if necessary.

The goal of branding is to be noticed, desired and remembered..Sounds just like life.


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