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Friday, January 16, 2015

Maybe You Can Help Me?

In my opinion, intimidation is the death of a curious mind. I often find that when we are intimidated in a situation, be it walking into a party of strangers, or trying something new, we are overwhelmed by the feeling of being judged as uneducated, uninformed or clumsy or whatever, and therefore are less likely to commit to pushing ourselves into that uncomfortable situation. It is with that understanding, that we at Calibre Signs, try to make a customer feel comfortable asking questions about their signage needs- because let’s face it- we are not born knowing everything right off the bat and it’s by asking questions that we are educated on topics we are not aware of. For instance, when I take my car in to get fixed, I don’t want to appear like I don’t know anything about cars because I am afraid that I will be taken advantage of, in my ignorance, of how my car was built, or functions. I will try to Google up what could be wrong before I take the car in so that I have some frame of reference to speak from in case the service person asks me a question. I certainly don’t want to say: “the thing- a- mah-bobby” isn’t working...I want to at least have the right terminology to explain myself competently. That’s how it is with the sign business too...Not to say that you have to know exactly how each and every sign is built or their best functionality, but, you should have an idea at least of what you want in order to ask about it. So, let’s just say for instance, you have rented a unit and you plan to open up a new “restaurant” business and you of course need some signs.

First thing will be to get signs to replace what was already there- maybeChannel Letters or a “storefront fascia” sign which is usually just a sign “cabinet” that will illuminate, or maybe it’s a non-illuminated aluminum or plastic or wood sign. Next, there may be a pylon sign that needs new graphics. Third might be window and door graphics with frosted vinyl, hours of operation, digital photography etc. Perhaps you want your business vehicle to also have graphics to operate as your 24 hour rolling billboard- advertising your business. These are just some of the exterior signs that you may be thinking of. Other types of exterior signs might be a Monument Ground sign or a Post and Panel sign. If you are a cutting edge type of customer- you may even wisely splurge on an Electronic Message Board or reader board sign because they have been shown to increase customer traffic and sales. “Harpo’s” Restaurant in Oshawa was a great example of how a Dynamic Digital Display Monument Sign was implemented to bring back TOMA or “top of mind awareness” to the shopping mall customers across from the restaurant. Thousands of customers every year drive there and become “blind” to the same thing they see but don’t focus on. Impulse sales are a huge draw for many shoppers. One study (Conroy, D 2004-What’s Your Signage) found that 68% of purchases during major shopping trips were unplanned, whereas 54% on smaller shopping trips. On Premise signs are very important in capturing impulse sales and TOMA. Other small business solutions might be to use a sidewalk A-frame sandwich board, or a pop-up flag, banner or wind spinner. These are all types of signs that are employed to get people to notice your business, and maybe a variety of different methods are necessary. The single most important characteristic of a sign is LEGIBILITY. Customers need to be able to quickly read and grasp the message of the sign as they may be driving by. Your name is probably less important than the function of your business i.e. “Dentist”,”Donuts”,”Hair Salon” etc.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when looking for a sign company, like Calibre Signs, to create your signage needs. And remember to go out and look around at what you have seen others do that you think is a great idea- take a picture of it and use it as a reference for a quote. Check out our portfolio of products and signs as a starting point, and if you have some measurements or logo artwork that you want to work with, great!

First Impressions are lasting impressions...

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