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Friday, January 16, 2015

Design Advice

If you would like to FTP your graphic files to us please just give us a call at (905) 665 5666 or toll free at (877) 215 3343 and we will provide you with the FTP Server Name, FTP User Name and FTP Password so that you can post your files directly to our FTP site where we will pick them up from you. Keep in mind if you do not already have an FTP program you will have to download one ... such as CUTE FTP. Many FTP programs are free.

Effective Sign Design

Your sign is the first thing customers notice about your business. It is a powerful tool in creating a first and lasting impression. Use effective design elements to create a sign that's right for your specific needs. Use these design elements and produce impact!

Best impact is with photos. Photos can increase recall by 300% and they communicate more information by activating the senses stimulation impulse purchases.
Full colour graphics create the highest awareness of all stages.
Borders increase reading speed by 26% and second colours add visual interest and improve reader reaction by 78%.
Even a plain sign builds awareness through low cost, multiple impressions reinforceing your advertising message.
Here are some additional points to consider in designing an effective sign.
Distance and Visibility
Generally you will need an inch of height for every 10ft of viewing distance. When you don't have room for lettering as large as you would like try using light coloured letters on a dark background. The contrast makes the letters appear larger and viewers will find it easier to read.

Key words should be emphasized in larger letters, bolder typestyling and additional colours.

Typestyle selection is critical to the effectiveness of the sign. Many script and specialty typestyles are difficult to read over greater distances.

Colour Contrast
A high colour contrast factor will improve legibility. Here are the best combinations ranked in order of legibility from a distance.

Colour Combination Effects

Contrast Solutions

Weak colour contrasts can be strengthened with an outline or drop shadow.

Sending files and advice on file setup and design

Compress all files using .zip or .sit. File size should be less than 5Mb
Email to:

Drop off a CD
For files larger than 5Mb, copy all documents (include linked images and fonts) to CD and mail or drop off to:
600 Garden Street
Whitby ON, L1N 7B3

File formats accepted

  • Adobe Illustrator - .ai .eps .pdf
  • Adobe Photoshop/Photo Elements - .psd .tif .bmp .eps .jpg
  • Corel Draw - .cdr

For vector-based programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, resolution doesn't factor in; but for pixel-based programs such as Photoshop, the minimum resolution should be 150 pixels per inch at final size.

Certain formats such as JPEG include a large amount of compression. When printed, much of the pixel information is lost and the quality is poor. JPEG is a SCREEN format and should not be used for print unless the file size and resolution are very high to compensate for pixels loss. Web images which are small and compressed do not contain enough pixel information and print blurry or blotchy. Please avoid sending files in JPEG and GIF formats from the web. ZIP, SIT, SITX are lossless compression formats and can be used to reduce the file size when transferring electronically.

Trim marks
Include small, registered trim marks on your file to indicate where cutting will occur. If the color goes to the edge, bleed the color at least 1/4 inch beyond the cut marks.

If using Adobe Illustrator, please create OUTLINE for all fonts.

Send all font files with your file unless your pixel-based document is flattened. We work on PCs, so Macintosh fonts are not accepted.

Advice when designing
Keep track of your colors. For SPOT COLOR jobs, set the spot color reference in your application and use at 100% opacity or indicate Pantone colours. The more colors, the higher the cost can be. If you require a photographic image, do not set spot colors. These types of images use a 4-color PROCESS ink system.

A lot of thought needs to go into the design of your custom company sign. You must make sure that it is simple and straightforward enough that your message doesn't get lost to viewers, but also eye-catching to capture people's attention. To do this, use vibrant colors and clear, large point font on your company billboard or storefront sign. Make sure that you keep your message direct, and that your brand and contact information are clearly visible so that it will easy to read and remembered.

When designing your sign, always keep in mind that your company sign should do its best to effectively reflect both your company's brand image and also appeal to your customer. On your custom company sign you should use colours and images that are relevant to your products and services. This will help give your prospective customer a better sense of what you're offering, to help build their interest.
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