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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Sign Awareness and Logo Branding

Calibre Signs recognizes it is important in determining the needs of your customers when marketing. Businesses that offer products or services that are more of an infrequent nature such as: dentists, doctors, accountants, real estate offices, furniture and appliance stores etc., should focus more on branding their site to reinforce their image so that it will be recalled as `top-of-mind` when the need arises. Businesses that fill a more frequent need such as grocery stores, banks, restaurants, gas stations and car-washes need to make their signage as eye-catching and simple as possible to capture those impulsive and convenience shoppers.

Brand recognition and retention is one of the most key factors in your marketing. You need to make sure that people can recognize your brand and feel familiar with it in order to get their business. Even after you have gathered their business, you have to ensure that these one-time customers become regular clients through brand retention. One of the best ways to make sure that your brand logo is noticeable and memorable is to have it emblazoned on a high quality, clear image business sign. A unique and tasteful custom sign will attract people to your business and keep it in their mind.

If people can clearly see your business logo when they are making their purchases, or entering / leaving your store, they are more likely to remember and associate your company name with the product you sell or the service that you provide. This means that when it comes time for the customer to buy again, they will more than likely come back to your store and be a repeat customer. A high definition custom company sign, with an easy to see logo, will help you get repeat business and retain past customers.


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Edited on: Friday, June 16, 2017 12:19 PM