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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Steps in Sign Process


Let's assume you need a sign, for your storefront, for instance. What is involved in the process? Sometimes customers call and say they need a new storefront sign, and they need it asap. Let's consider the process involved in order to understand the time frames and scheduling that may be involved.

  • You need a sign for your storefront
  • Call for an estimate (free at Calibre Signs)
  • E-mail a photo showing the current signage (or location for new sign)- for quick rough quote
  • Site Survey by sign company that takes measurements, notes construction and considerations
  • Estimate -based on possibilities - may be a few choices for budget
  • Quotation Contract on agreed considerations
  • Financing Paperwork if needed
  • Deposit
  • Design Preliminaries
  • Engineer/ Architectural Drawings if necessary
  • Permit Applications with drawings if necessary
  • Landlord Approval - Legalities approved if necessary
  • Utility Site Locates
  • Sign Design Approvals
  • Sign Manufacturing and fabrication
  • Graphic Application
  • Sign Installation Logistics/Shipping
  • Software/Electrical Installation

Looking at these few components in the process you can see that it is not feasible to expect a new sign to be manufactured and installed in a couple of days. Some permits require considerable red tape and can be delayed for weeks while decisions are made by planning department. In the meantime- there is a lot of time consuming pieces that take place including site locates, back and forth design approvals, previous sign stripping/eradication, Landlord agreements, prevailing weather conditions, possible shipping and logistical issues etc. Until the Drawings and Permits are approved, there is not much sense going ahead with the sign manufacturing. This key ingredient in the sign process could be a major wrench in the time schedule. Manufacturing a new sign needs some lead time, so don't delay- call for your estimate as soon as you can so that we can get a jump-start to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

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